Our Journey


I am sure you must be wondering what is Chiquen?
It’s simply a misspelling of the word chicken, inspired from
the misspellings one see’s travelling around the world. Chiquen is symbolic of
happiness and good times and is the only place for delicious chicken.

Made The Chiqui Way

Made the chiqui way at its core is a collection of memories, experiences and journeys revolving around food, friendship and travel. So whether it’s a lazy summer barbeque with friends and family, discovery of that beach side shack where the food was soo good that no one spoke on the table, the aromas and smoke from the street food market that drew you in or the fresh produce at the food market that delighted your soul, they all have something in common and sum up the memorable experiences.

Our food

At Chiquen we strive for authenticity and taste whilst being mindful of good healthy ingredients.
Our aim is to serve food that is not only tasty
but also good for you.

All of our chickens come from happy little chicken farms in East Anglia, produces by British farmers. Our chickens are always fresh and never frozen. We have chosen to serve halal chicken as a reflection of diversity. We like to work with suppliers who care about their products.
Our Chiquen sauces are handmade to our recipe in our chiqui kitchens without the use of any artificial ingredients or colouring. They are also vegetarian and gluten free. We have introduced just a few of the flavours and recipes that we collected during our travels. We have many more recipes to try and many more places to visit!


Design inspires all of us at Chiquen, however we find inspiration in the most humble beach
shacks and street food markets that lift your spirits and blow your mind away.

We have worked with some great designers both big and small and we will continue to be inspired by
our travels and bring back the same authenticity, vibrancy and originality to our design.